Root Touch-Up Routine & Wella T11 Lightest Beige Toner Review/Results

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello friends! Today I am bringing you a highly requested post: my root touch-up routine.

I have been doing my own color for about a year but I am in no way a professional, so depending on your hair color, texture, thickness, strength, or fragility your results may vary widely from mine. 

I typically employ my mom or best friend to help me. We all help each other with our hair because we are all platinum blondes!


Starting with dry unwashed hair the bleach is applied to my roots using a brush. I mix Wella's lightning powder with 2oz of 30 volume developer.  For the shorter sections (the back or undercut for example) the bleach is just saturated. I leave the bleach on for about 25 minutes or until it turns a light yellow. My natural color is around a level 6 so I don't require a lot of processing time.

I wash the bleach out only using shampoo - I don't condition until I am finished toning.

I mix the toner in an applicator bottle like this with 2.8oz of 20 volume developer. This is my first time using T11 to tone, and I really like it. I have used T18 in the past but sometimes the results came out a bit intense for my liking (purple ends, oh my!) so I think I will be sticking with T11 for awhile.

 The end result


 The color stuck to the ends more but that's okay, another wash will take care of that.

I think the total dollar amount comes out to a little over $20.00, which is great because typically it  costs $80-100 for a touch-up and tone (in my area). Just be sure you're comfortable with doing your own hair, it is best to pay the extra money if you're not confident in the integrity or strength of your hair - especially if you have delicate, fine, thin, and/or extremely color damaged hair. My hair is quite thick and short so I'm not afraid of a little breakage if it happens (it rarely, if ever does).

I hope you guys have a better idea on how I do my roots at-home, and if you have any other questions check out my Hair FAQ post. Thanks for reading. :)


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  2. Thanks for this info! I just went platinum and this is super helpful.

  3. Love this colour, love your style x

  4. I love all your pics and just showed my stylist your more shaved pics and said just do this. Having fun looking through your pics with different looks and lengths but wondered about your roots around your face. I've seen some pics where I see your roots at the part but not along your face. Do you bleach the regrowth around your face or on the undercut more frequently than your longer hair? TIA

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  6. I just did my first at home root-touch up/tone! Overall I feel pretty good about it, but being a perfectionist I'm already thinking about how I can correct things/make it just perfect next time. I used T18 toner and it seems like the tone took really well to the ends but not the roots. The T18 is maintaining my overall almost white tone that my stylist created, maybe just a bit more ashy/silver in the very front. But the roots are still that baby duck yellow :) I'm wondering if the mistake I made was conditioning after bleaching and before toning. It's not that noticable except to me but I'm wondering if I can do anything about it. Would it be a bad idea to try to retone just the roots? Or wait a week and retone all over? I just don't want my ends turning violet :) Thanks!

  7. Hi Sarah, my natural hair color is the same as yours. I read somewhere that your natural color is a 6. Do you or did you have ever have a problem with your hair trying to turn a brassy redish blond when you were trying to go platinum blond? I have been wanting to go all out platinum for years and this speed bump is turning into a brik wall. Any help or advise would be much appreciated.